Audio Escape Adventures

These virtual escape rooms can be played together from anywhere in the world. With a live narrator and stunning images, these experiences will whisk you away on an exciting adventure!

Tickets for our premium experience, Spirit Train, are $28/person.

All other Audio Adventures are $18/person.

All Audio Escape Adventures have a 3-ticket minimum.

Audio Escape Adventure reservations are by appointment only – please reach out to us at tpr.audio@gmail.com to set up your booking. 


Do you have trouble choosing which escape room to do? Can’t find time to play everything? Why not visit Escape Island and play multiple escape rooms at once! See all the classic escape room scenarios in just one visit: break into a bank vault, find your secret inheritance, stop a nuclear launch… and more!

Can you find your way out of this gauntlet?


*Escaping not guaranteed. Some aspects of this experience may appear different than advertised. Void where prohibited. In the case of a zombie apocalypse, you may still be required to escape the island on your own. Offer excludes buy one, get thirteen deals. Everything is working as intended. Limit one (1) coupon per customer per millennium. Participant willingly participates and acknowledges the potential loss of imaginary life or limb. Restrictions definitely apply. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Not replaceable if lost or stolen. This experience is definitely finished and will not crash mid-experience. This disclaimer is in no way confidential or legally binding, nor is it a real disclaimer. Modifying the internal components of Escape Island will void its warranty. Does not contain a money back guarantee. You may be stuck on Escape Island for longer than the advertised duration of the experience, up to but not to exceed eternity. Offer good through the end of this sentence. Escape Island approves this message.

Premium Audio Escape Adventure

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Trapped Puzzle Rooms was founded in 2015 by Karen and Jamie Fassett-Carman, a mother-son team who wanted to share their love of puzzles with their hometown of Minneapolis.

Our Reviews

  • Grayson April 25, 2021
    This was our first audio escape experience. We did the Spirit Train experience. Very fun and a good narrative experience,...
  • Team Totoro April 25, 2021
    Huzzah! We had a wonderful time with Monster Mash! We sadly missed the Mananangal Thanks so much for Abby for...
  • Marsha and David April 17, 2021
    Our family loves the audio escape room adventures! Abigail hosted our family's adventure on the Spirit Train today. We found...
  • Nicole April 17, 2021
    These are so fun! Well-designed puzzles and engaging stories. Our friend group started doing these during the pandemic weirdness, and...
  • Dan E. March 26, 2021
    Had a wonderful time on the Spirit Train!