Audio Escape Adventures

These virtual escape rooms can be played together from anywhere in the world. With a live narrator and stunning images, these experiences will whisk you away on an exciting adventure!


Tickets for our premium experience, Spirit Train, are $28/person.

All other Audio Adventures are $18/person.

All Audio Escape Adventures have a 3-ticket minimum.


Premium Audio Escape Adventure

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Trapped Puzzle Rooms was founded in 2015 by Karen and Jamie Fassett-Carman, a mother-son team who wanted to share their love of puzzles with their hometown of Minneapolis.

Our Reviews

  • Grayson April 25, 2021
    This was our first audio escape experience. We did the Spirit Train experience. Very fun and a good narrative experience,...
  • Team Totoro April 25, 2021
    Huzzah! We had a wonderful time with Monster Mash! We sadly missed the Mananangal Thanks so much for Abby for...
  • Marsha and David April 17, 2021
    Our family loves the audio escape room adventures! Abigail hosted our family's adventure on the Spirit Train today. We found...
  • Nicole April 17, 2021
    These are so fun! Well-designed puzzles and engaging stories. Our friend group started doing these during the pandemic weirdness, and...
  • Dan E. March 26, 2021
    Had a wonderful time on the Spirit Train!