Twas the night before Christmas,
up at the North Pole,
and Grandmother Winter,
was out for a stroll.


During your visit to the North Pole, you and Grandmother Winter were enjoying the sights and sounds of Christmas Village when, out of nowhere, Grandma got run over by a reindeer! You’ll have to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes, put on your Deerstalker cap, and use expert deductive skills to crack this Christmas Case!

This “cold case” is perfect for those who love a good mystery and aren’t afraid of a few puns.

“Since we’re unable to travel right now, these games really is our teleportation device to the world out there (even if it is imaginary)! Who wouldn’t want to take a trip to North Pole, savor some delicious holiday treats and hangout with Santa and his friends while solving some puzzles through laughter? This is another holiday themed game not to be missed…”

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“The perfect virtual activity for the holidays! Even my kids loved it.”

– customer review