Spirit Train

Assigned another dull work trip, you pack your luggage and head to the train station. But when you’re whisked away to the fantastical spirit world, your destination becomes less certain. Will you find your way home?


Join Trapped Puzzle Rooms in their first ever Premium Audio Escape Adventure, a two-hour narrative puzzling experience. Take a break from the monotony of the waking world and experience a journey full of magic and whimsy. All aboard the Spirit Train!

Spirit Train is a longer, more narrative-focused experience, taking you on a cinematic journey through a magical realm. For fans of our Audio Escape Adventures, Spirit Train will let you dive into this world for a full evening of entertainment.

Tickets are available now! Opening weekend is Mar. 26-28 and due to the extended nature of this experience there are limited slots available.

This experiences runs over Discord, like our other Audio Escape Experiences. You can book an open time-slot and play with a group of up to 8 people!

As Spirit Train is a premium Audio Escape Adventure; the price is $28/ticket, with a minimum of 3 tickets required to play.

                             Contact:   minneapolis@trappedpuzzlerooms.com